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  • Our Mission

    Our Mission is to promote the entry, retention and advancement of women especially mums in the tech workforce in Africa and globally.

    Why MumsWhoCode Exists

    Globally, women are vastly underrepresented in the technology industry, with women only making up 30% of the tech workforce in Africa.1

    Unfortunately, statistics have shown that when women begin to raise families, investing in their professional skills and career development declines.
    And while raising families is a beautiful gift, we also believe that the future employment landscape will thrive with the inclusion women, especially mothers.

    At MumsWhoCode, we're committed to preparing women for this moment by providing high-quality learning opportunities and career support in tech so no African woman is left behind.

  • Our Intervention (3 Pillars)


    Through this we provide a way for like-minded women to connect, learn and grow their network while also being mentored by women who are ahead in their career journeys.


    Our trainings help equip women especially mothers with technical and soft skills making them better positioned in the tech workforce and boosting their self-confidence.


    High skills + great network are recipes for finding employment, job retention and increased earnings.

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